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We believe that every child should have the opportunity to try martial arts and begin to experience the positive life skills that comes with training at one of our full-time Adrenaline Children's Karate Dojos.

If you're looking for an activity for your child that will develop their confidence, help them focus, teach them about tenacity and how important it is to set and acheive their goals and arm them with physical and mental self-defence skills for life then we're here to help.

From our professional Dojos in Cambridge and Peterborough, and our satelite locations across East Anglia, we run age-specific classes for children from pre-school through to teens.

Join us for a free, no-obligation, introductory class where your child will learn the basic stances, punches, blocks and kicks and the Dojo etiquette that they will need to join us for regular classes. We will also have them super focused within a matter of minutes!

Select your nearest location below and then you will be able to book in for your free trial class!

We cannot wait to meet you and welcome your family to one of our Adrenaline Dojos!


Shihan Lee G. Nash

6th Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor

Adrenaline Martial Arts



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